Yoga and Unity

Below is an honest account of what yoga has done to my worldview, and how it has transformed the way I live my life.

But it all started with what yoga did to change how I viewed myself— empowering me to learn from the inside out, building in me a confidence in my own inklings and intuitions. I wrote Yoga for Self Love because I truly believe that if I did not have yoga as a tool, I would not have come to the place of self understanding, trust, purpose, and love that I am now so joyfully living in!

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For me it all stems from yoga— health, wellness, justice, love, peace, everything.

When we come to our mat, we find unity between our body, our mind and our soul (which is actually the very definition of yoga). This kind of unity is rare in a world that teaches us to disconnect from our emotions, control our body like some sort of machine, and abandon our soul as a guiding force. But only when we are in unity with our entire being are we are able to understand ourselves, communicate with ourselves, work for our own positive growth! Yoga teaches us to explore, appreciate, and love ourself.

This inner yogic unity produces fruits of self love, but also love for people, the planet, the universe. Our relationship with ourself (and our life in general) has been transformed, and we use that good energy to transform the world. We find unity again, this time between ourselves, all other human beings, and our common home.

So how does yoga change everything? We take the intentionality, the awareness, the consciousness we bring to our asanas off our mat and into our daily life! The unity we feel through yoga, makes it hard to act in a way that harms any one part of the whole. Love floods in us and through us. Wellness and justice fall into place. Consciousness becomes our lifestyle. We find ourselves and our place in the world.

It is a journey, but it is worth it. We do our rain dance, and we change our lives and our world— one drop at a time. (If you’re not familiar with the rainmaking vision, you can read about it here!)

Part of my rainmaking journey is to help others start their rain dance. When I become a yoga teacher (eep!), I want to incorporate these ideas into my classes. I am so very passionate about using mindful movement to connect with oneself and one’s world. Connection and unity— two fruits of a yoga practice that indeed have the power to change our lives and our world!

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All my love and happy rainmaking,

xoxo Radiance

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