How To Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

So it’s the second week of the new year. You’ve woken up on time, gone to the gym, and eaten an apple. Every. Single. Day. Basically, you’re kicking ass!

Every single thing you’ve set out to accomplish this new year is off to a good start, and you feel good. But how do you keep that momentum going? How do you avoid that mid-year (or worse, mid-January) crash?

We’ve all failed before. There is no shame in failing. BUT, we must let failure be our teacher. We have to learn from past mistakes so that we can do better this time around. With these tips, this year you’re not going to fail. You’re going to achieve every thing that you have set out to do. Every. Single. Thing.

Here are two things you are going to do now to keep the New Year’s resolution fire lit within you all year long:

#1: Slow down.

The Mistake: Trying to tackle all your sky-high goals all at once. The reality is that your brain physically cannot handle this.

Instead: Work gradually. Break down your big goals into smaller ones. Build one new good habit at a time, shake one old bad habit at a time. You are much more likely to achieve what you’re after if you keep focused instead of spreading yourself too thin.

The Method: Get organized. Write down all of your goals, and separate them into categories (my personal goals all fit under “health”, “justice”, or “adventure”). Then, pick one from each category to focus on each month. Write this down in your calendar, or somewhere you’ll see it. Why this works: when I look at my calendar, I don’t see “be healthy” or “change the world”. For January, I see “start a new workout program” and “switch to natural, ethical skincare”. I can clearly see action steps I’m going to take this month to get me closer to my end goal. My energy is productively directed, which erases the possibility for discouragement at the end of the month when you look back and try to figure out all the good you’ve done.

#2: Evaluate progress, not perfection.

The Mistake: You should NEVER be discouraged by bad weeks, plateaus, or lack of visible results. Never!

Instead: You should keep a checklist of your actionable steps. This is the difference between evaluating “do cardio three times a week” and “have a six pack”. Your stomach may not look any flatter than last month, but you are doing what it takes, and change will come. Reflect on your self discipline and your habits… NOT on end results.

The Method: Take the broken down goals we talked about above, and break them down even more. Write down every thing you are going to have to do to reach your goal, in order. Think about the recurring actions as well as the one-time checkpoints. For example, one of my asana goals is the oh-so-impressive-yet-seemingly-impossible-to-achieve forearm stand. On my checklist, I’m going to write down the asanas that I’ll need to master before I’m ready for a forearm stand (shoulder stand, crow pose, headstand, etc). These are the things that I can check off as I master them. Then there are the things I need to be doing every day to build strength, such as stretching my shoulders, exercising my core, getting upside down for at least five minutes, practicing using a wall, etc.
Why it works: You should never have to stare blankly at your goal and feel overwhelmed or lost. This is really just the result of poor planning. If you go into the day already knowing what you need to do to get closer to accomplishing your end goal, you are way more likely to actually do it. You also are waaay less likely to get discouraged when you don’t see direct results on your end goal because you know exactly what you are doing to get there. I’m sure when I re-evaluate next month, I still won’t have my forearms stand. But what I will have is checklist-evidence that I am being diligent about laying down the necessary foundation.

Slow down. Evaluate progress, not perfection.

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