Going Conscious With My Skincare Pt. 2

Searching high and low for the perfect products is practically a hobby of mine! In January I began the switch to ethical skincare (check out part one of this post), and it has filled my bathroom with amazing soaps and shampoos and deodorants. I am planning on writing individual reviews soon, but for now you can check out my conscious loot here!

One of the best parts about ethical products is that they all have a unique story. It fills my heart to think about the women and children and communities that are being supported just because I shopped consciously. Some products even have the producers’ signatures on them, and it blows me away every time I use it and picture the hands it came from. I mean, wow. When I run out of shampoo I have to buy a new one. Why not pick a good one? It’s not like I am dishing out money I might not have spent otherwise. It’s an easy, simple decision that makes a world of difference.

I have also been experimenting with making my own products. In many cases, it is far more sustainable to combine my own kitchen ingredients in mason jars at home than to ship products across the world. So in an instance like toner or toothpaste when I have easy access to all of the necessary ingredients, I make my own potions! It’s nice to know 100% exactly what I’m putting on or into my body. It’s also super duper fun to mix and test your own creations! If you were in my mind right now, you would see day dreams of goat raisin’, bee farmin’, plant growin’ (hello oatmeal, milk and honey soap), and a bathroom covered in labeled mason jars.

Perhaps growing my own ingredients and creating concoctions from scratch is in my future. I definitely have big dreams of living self sufficient and sustainably. But I also still think there is a place for purchased products in my home. For one, I may be able to make a decent homemade deodorant, but I really want to support brands like Alaffia who make great deodorant and are doing amazing things in the world, like supporting community development projects (I have a review for one of their products here, if you’d like to check them out.). Many make the case for bought products over homegrown potions because in some instances it can prove to be more efficient for a company to mass produce a product than for me to use up almost the same amount of energy to produce one item at home. This is not always the case, and it is sort of a tricky and under-researched area in the ethical living world.

So my manifesto it seems is a little ambiguous:

Sometimes buy well. Sometimes make well.

Balance, my friends. It’s silly to me that some people are so strict with their standards. Yeah, I really admire those who live totally handmade. But I also admire the companies who grow fair trade despite nearly impossible conditions, building up families and communities that I cannot reach on my own. By feeling the need to be 100% anything, you inevitably miss out on something else. All I really care about is being aware of the affect my choices have on other people, and then making the most conscious decision I can where I’m at, always learning and growing and striving to be better. That’s the rainmaking lifestyle, loves: one drop at a time.

Happy rainmaking!

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xoxo Radiance

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