Going Conscious With My Skincare Pt. 1

I know I advocate for an all ethical, all natural, all eco-friendly lifestyle, but I’d be lying if I told you that every product I own fits my own standards. However, my life is certainly heading in that direction, intentionally. This January, my focus is on skincare.
There are two important things about that word intentionally.
1) I’m not just sitting back and waiting for my ideal life to come to me, believing it’s good enough to do something ethical/natural/eco friendly every once in awhile. Rather, I am actively working to make my life a reflection of my values.
2) How I go about changing my lifestyle is also intentional. I’m real with myself. I know that if I decide to cut all of my old habits cold turkey, I’ll fail. And the last thing I want is to burn myself out in a moment of well-intentioned but over zealous motivation.
So, my approach to lifestyle change is gradual. When I run out of my old lotion (like I did last week), I choose to research new ethical, natural, and eco-friendly brands to replace it with (like The Body Shop), rather than just immediately buying my usual brand. I interrupt my routine one decision at a time instead of staging a massive upheaval of my entire life (besides, it would be completely unethical and wasteful to ditch my old products before they’re gone, even if they aren’t the kind of products my values support). Patience, dear grasshopper. Slow down and evaluate what the best action plan is for you. That is how you will succeed at making the ethical switch.
My action plan? Ditch one bad habit and build up one good habit at a time. I give myself a few new focuses every month, that way I am not overwhelmed at the amount of things I could be/should be/would be doing if I only knew where to start.
This January for me is all about skincare! I took advantage of The Body Shop’s after Christmas sales and got me this Cocoa Butter Body Butter.
Why The Body Shop? Not only are their products all natural, but their “enrich not exploit” commitment means that they also work fairly with farmers and suppliers, actively support biodiversity, and never test ingredients or products on animals.
I am ALL ABOUT what The Body Shop is doing in its company. After a few more weeks of use, I can’t wait to review this product for you guys! As always, I’ll keep you posted on my “conscious skincare” adventure. Until next time. xoxo

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