About The Blog

I believe the secret to a perfect world lies within the citizens of that world; the way they view themselves, the way they view others, and the way they view their planet. In other words, if we want to see positive change, it’s our responsibility to live conscious of our everyday decisions.

Right about now you’re tuning me out. I know you are. You’re shaking your head saying “not this again”. The ol’ “we can all make a difference” bologna. But we can.

Picture this: One person, just one, decides to live consciously. She is out in the desert, alone, trying to turn the dead earth into a thriving ocean. She could mope around at the impossibility of the task, but she doesn’t. Instead, she dances.


And rain starts to fall, on account of her own actions, one drop at a time. Because of her intentional decision to dance, she has affected real change in the desert.

And others are noticing. More dancers arrive, and those who used to turn their heads the other way can no longer help but notice. One by one, those who used to sulk along have become rain dancers. The momentum builds on itself. And the ocean begins to form.

Are you with me now?

The concept of “rain dancing” is simple: each individual action we make accumulates and becomes part of something much larger. The ocean doesn’t appear overnight, but with intention and persistence, if we keep showing up, the tide rolls in. One drop at a time.

What’s even more important is that by taking action, we attract others to follow our lead and make their own rain. Think about it: aren’t we inspired by (and compelled to support) those who are already out rain dancing in the world? Why not be one of them?​ 

Maybe we’re trying to change a personal mindset or a destructive habit. Maybe we’re trying to change the mindset of the masses or affect global change. Regardless, by showing up for yourself, you can manifest the change you desire. And by visibly showing the world your support for a particular action or movement or lifestyle, you become an advocate and an agent of change.

I started this blog because I believe in the power of one. One individual lifestyle change leads to large-scale global change. Just like one thing, done everyday, creates a new habit in our lives. There’s no doubt about it.

We just have to show up for ourselves, show up for others, and show up for mama earth. We have to be there for each other as we do our rain dances and create this change-accumulation as individuals, communities, nations… as a global family.

I am currently on a journey to dance as hard as flippin’ possible… for myself, for others, for the earth. I’m here, documenting my journey, because I need a community of fellow rain dancers to keep me accountable. To inspire me, motivate me, and keep pushing me towards my goals.

And I’m asking you to challenge yourself, one drop at a time. Do your part– start your rain dance! Whatever your dreams are, have the courage to work towards them– whether you’re starting with a lake, a puddle, or dry land.

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Happy rain dancing. All my love, Radiance xoxo